Has anyone fed their baby who is below 1yo baked bread with honey? I know babies below 1yo shouldn't eat honey, its my oversight I let my baby share a walnut honey bread! ????? She is 9mth old. Is it ok for her to eat the walnut honey bread?!

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infant botulism is caused by spores in honey which infants digestive tract cannot process properly and stays in their tummy while emitting toxin into their bloodstream. It's rare but it can happen that's why it's not advisable. Most of the honey shops use are pasturised honey + corn syrup. While it's unhealthy, it's also less likely to cause infant botulism. So don't worry, just continue to monitor for the next few days. Most likely she will be fine

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Yes dear your lo should be alright. Afterall the shops which uses pasturised honey are not exactly pure honey which is unhealthy too. Id say keep a look out. Accidents do happen, dont beat yourself up on it. :)

No worries ... those are pasturised honey with no nutritional values. The expensive honey are the ones u need to worry abt