Has anyone brought your toddler,below 2 years old, for any group tours before? Are they able to sit through the coach ride? Will they make a lot of noise inside the coach and disturb the rest of the tour group?

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I did!. I feel it if fine as i would keep talking to my baby to tell ans introduce the environmen to him. If he hungry, i would just breastfeed him or caddle him to sleep ... Should be fine and i think other would understand. Just ignore them if they complaint. After all, your intention is to bring your LO to explore and learn. So, dont worry...

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Depends very much on your toddler. my sister kids took to the coacH ride very well, whereas my older boy 3 years old slept through. My younger boy 1year, made so much noise. I suffered the entire journey.


2 year old kids are still not ready to be following a very rigid schedule. They will have their own internal clocks when they want to eat, play, sleep and can be disruptive in groups when tired.

You know your toddler more than anyone but for me i prefer free & easy to avoid all the rush and anything that may come along the way (e.g, tantrums, poopy, hungry and so on )

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You can bring your two year old but not advisable. Group tours are quite hectic and your child might be cranky with so much disruption to his/her normal routines

Overseas group tour shld be ok as it's constantly on going and busy with activites. Try to go for a smaller group.

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I think is very much dependable on ur LO. If ur LO usual attention span is good, shud b fine i guess.

Hi, Yes you can but it might be little hectic for the baby so I suggest be extra careful and prepared

Sounds scary to me. The though of it makes me feel like fainting. Kudos to you mama.

Never with Group tour , we always do free and easy especially with LO