Second opinion on risk of preeclampsia

Hi all, has anyone been told the risk of preeclampsia is high based on uterine blood flow established thru ultrasound at 12 week? And did you seek a second opinion by doing another ultrasound scan with a different sonographer and gynae?

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I was told of a higher risk of preeclampsia based on 12week scan & blood test. I didn’t seek a 2nd opinion and was prescribed aspirin 150mg & start at wk16. Currently @ 26 weeks and so far so good. If u are feeling uncomfortable, u can seek 2nd opinion.

2y ago

Hi, may I ask were you told of higher risk of PE at 12th week but asked to take the aspirin from 16th week and not immediately? I was told to take immediately....

Super Mum

The 12 week scan is a useful assessment of risk, along with other symptoms/predispositions identified by the gynae. They'll conduct further tests/scan to diagnose or recommend prophylaxis depending on your condition.

Thank Mrs Loh. Gynae prescribed aspirin as a preventive measure but am hesitant to take it and hence wondering if a second opinion will be useful. No other test was done other than the ultrasound