High risk preeclampsia

Hi, anyone is high risk for preeclampsia? Any precautions to tk during this covid period??

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I discovered that I’m high risk for pre eclampsia when I’m week 13 through the first trimester testing. I was prescribe 1.5tablets of aspirin daily. You will have routine urine & bp testing at regular gynae visit (be it got risk or no risk for pre eclampsia). I suspect that I have pre eclampsia at week34 as I have been monitoring my blood pressure at home 3x a day and having constant high bp. Although my bp taken at the clinic is normal bp, I raised it to my gynae and she order a blood & urine test for me, and turns out my suspicion is true. I’m warded for 2 weeks (wk34 to wk36) and induced at wk36. My baby is born on the smaller side but very healthy. She stay in the HD ward for 3 days and can be discharged home. My advice would be to monitor ur bp regularly at home from trimester 3 & take the aspirin. Aspirin helps to delay/prevent pre eclampsia . Although pre eclampsia strike, but I’m thankful that it’s late onset at wk34, instead of 2nd trimester. Serious Pre eclampsia would require you to deliver the baby straight away to save both you & ur baby life.m, So pls don’t take it lightly but also no need to be stress over it. Good luck and god bless!

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Through 1st trimester testing. I believe it’s like a detailed scan

hi, l was recently informed that I'm high risk for pre eclampsia at week 13 when I did my NIPT test, and also prescribed low dosage of aspirin. went for my week 16 scan and gynae said not much to do other than to just continue to take the medication and not to stress over it