Silent miscarriage

I am supposed to be on my 9th week but when I went for my ultrasound the radiologist did a usual scan later changed to transviginal ultrasound. She asked me to take a deep breath and the foetus heart wasn’t beating and the size is on week 6. Should I go for a second opinion or accept the fact that I have lost the baby?

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Hi, I'm so sorry to hear this. I was in a similar situation last year. I did not seek a 2nd opinion because it was clear from the scans that the baby did not develop further from my late Week 5 scan to my Week 8 scan. I heard a weak heartbeat in Week 5, and the gynae said it might be still early into the pregnancy, the heartbeat should be stronger by my next visit. Unfortunately, by my next visit, there was no heartbeat and baby size did not grow much (increased by 0.6cm size). While I think it is quite clear that my situation did not need a 2nd opinion, I would suggest seeking a 2nd opinion for confirmation to not have any regrets.

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So sorry to hear this. 🥺Better have your blood check. When I also had the same story few years back, I am on my 8th week but there is still no heartbeat, and to finally complete the puzzle my Gynae requested to check my blood and it was revealed that my HCG was lower than the earlier blood test, (6 weeks). And when I had another transv. my uterus is already deformed and confirmed that my pregnancy did not progress. A very sad news but we really have to ve strong to accept that everything happens for a reason. Hang on there, mummy! 🌷

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Hi sorry to hear this. Have you heard a heartbeat prior to this? If not, seek a second opinion, or wait it out for another week. In my first trim, Doctor expected my bb’s heartbeat to come at a certain week but later find out that my first heartbeat came much later. Turns out my period date wasn’t accurate to determine the GA cus my period is longer than other ppl

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1mo ago

When I did my scan on the week 6, there was heart beat it was yesterday that when I went back for the second scan to find that it stopped growing at week 6 and heart wasn’t beating as well.

Hi, I am going thru a similar situation. Mine is a anembryonic pregnancy. I did a blood test on HCG and was lower than previous which indicate the pregnancy did not progress. Now on medication for the abortion. You may want to seek 2nd advice or do a HCG test?

1mo ago

How about seeking 2nd opinion at least with no regrets?

Hi so sorry to hear that. I was in your situation last year and I did not seek a second opinion. I regretted that. I recommend you do a second test or see another doctor, at least that will not leave you any regrets

1mo ago

Thank you for your reply❤️.