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Haiz ever since My son was born I keep having clashes with my parents as I’m staying with them. My bto will only be ready ard 2023-2024. My hubby is pr so his family is not here. Tried for pphs once and is trying again this month. We did considered getting resale while I was pregnant with my son but didn’t as I was only working part-time then and couldn’t get much grant. Sld I give up the bto(alr paid deposit) and just go for resale? I’m currently pregnant with a second one and they are not keen to help me take care of my second one. They are only willing to help me take care of my son but nope I’m not going to let us be separated…..

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at least they are willing to help you. for my case, am also living with my parents but I taking care of my lo all by myself since born. and they still nagged at me this and that after my lo make a mess, but on the bright side is my bto will be ready by next year. keep my fingers crossed. 🙏🏼 will move out from their house soon. else I am going bonkers with this kind of parents who breathe down your neck daily. T_T

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If you move out do you intend to take care of both babies alone without your parents? If so even if your parents won't take care of the second one it shouldn't matter. If you are willing to forgo your deposit and pay more for resale, had you considered renting for just 1-2y instead? Resales have decaying lease and a BTO will be cheaper with more potential for appreciation.

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