Normal milk or materna milk?

Currently at 12 weeks. Just wanna know if drinking Meiji milk is sufficient for myself and baby? Any other milk to recommend? :)

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Yup enough! I didn't drink any milk cz I hated it, only soy milk occasionally but made sure I took my supplements religiously with a balanced diet. Baby came out healthy with above average height and weight. So dont worry abt it, just take whatever milk tt u like! Anw PD told me maternal milk may cause unwanted weight gain in some mommies.

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Super Mum

Cow’s milk is essentially good for calcium. It doesn’t have all the added stuff that maternal milk has. But if you’re eating well from various food groups and have sufficient vitamins and minerals from the food you eat/other supplements, then there’s no need to specially drink maternal milk

normal milk like meiji or any other brands is great..i drink both normal milk and enfamama..just incase im not having enough vitamins.. i tend to worry abit about my nutrition 😅

You don’t need materna milk. Normal milk is good. In fact, you will be given calcium supplements in tri 2. So technically you don’t really need to drink milk if u hate it


both ok but normal milk is already sufficient