Safe To Eat?

My gynae advised herbs are not safe for preggies. Does anyone know if this is safe? The ingredients are ginseng, chao jiao, spices, flavor, danggui.

Safe To Eat?
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Since packaging wrote its safe then its probably safe. But I’ll avoid if I’m paranoid eating it despite the affirmation.

don't eat.. it contains danggui n danggui is a no no for pregnancy as it might cause miscarriage

The ingredients. Althou it's written there safe for preggies But not 100% sure if safe. Anyone knows?

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Avoid during pregnancy, since most of us are not familiar of effects of herbs during pregnancy

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Better don't.. though i ate outside BKT a few times during preg and baby was okay.

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Better to avoid ginseng. Got studies that shows it affects the brain

Pls don’t... ginseng and dang gui are not gd for preggy woman

My tcm said not all Ginseng are safe. So best to avoid


Gynae already advised, why are you seeking our comments here?

3y ago

Bcos I don't know if ginseng is considered herbs or not so I'm here to ask and can help keep others informed?

Ginseng alone is not safe already...avoid all herbs.