My company is having Indian food buffet. Can I eat curry? Does Indian food contain herbs and spices?

Is it safe to eat ?

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Yes. You can eat curry and Indian food as much. Only avoid spicy and masala items if you have gastric problem during pregnancy. I eat Indian food everyday and I’m about to enter my third trimester. So don’t worry. Eat healthy and stay happy

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It’s perfectly fine to eat. The app has a food feature where you can check what’s safe and unsafe to eat during pregnancy.

Err tbh I just eat thou. I only avoided raw and undercooked food 😅 My baby came out full term and healthy 😃

Pretty sure in India they still take lots of herbs and spices. I mostly only avoid raw and undercooked food.

I eat thosai every single morning. Eat sashimi eat beef that is medium well :/ for all my pregnancy...

no issue. can eat hits avoid raw food or alcohol. that all


no issue, i eat curry everyday thru out my pregnancy haha

my baby loves curry, I just eat