Is it good to choose a seat with bassinet on flight when bringing 18 months old overseas? Cos with every air turbulence, gotta remove my sleeping Baby from bassinet .. happened a few times Liao .. so was wondering is it Helpful afterall. Second time bringing LO on flight for overseas holiday

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Like the mummy suggest, u can try to leave a space btn 2 adults in a 3 space seat. Don't bother to take the bassinet. It is too small. I just flew on SQ and the bassinet is a perfect fit for my 14months boy, head to feet, he can't raise his hands or flip properly

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this is my 'hack' i book the flights and i check in online myself. I will try to look for 3 seats empty. I will be seating at A, leaving B empty. Husband will sit at C. usually this way, no one will book B. you can place ur LO sitting there!

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5y ago

Best ! Good idea ! Thanks for sharing 😊

maybe 18months old is also too big for the bassinet. Like what Jorelle said, try to book it that way.

Agree with Jorelle. I don't like to keep taking baby out when there is a turbulence.

Better to still have bassinet

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No problem! enjoy ur flight!!