How to Wash soiled baby clothes

Im currently pregnant and still abit lost on how to wash baby clothes if its soiled. For us, we would just do laundry every other day or something. for baby clothes, if its normal laundry, we would just collate and wash maybe every 2-3 days in washing machine. But what if it’s soiled ? Eg poop/pee or puke. After washing the soiled area off, do i also just handwash the clothes and leave it to dry ? So called wont add on to the laundry basket that i will be washing every 3 days. Am i right ? #FTM

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depends on how confident/comfortable you are with the "level of cleanliness" from your choices. For quick washing, I will just soak in baby clothes detergent after some spot cleaning if the mess is salvageable. Then, I'll either bring forward my regular washing or just do a tiny washing machine load. Personally didn't want to risk the possibility of contamination or stubborn stains as I had difficulty to differentiate old or new stains.

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It depends on whether you are okay with it? For me, if soiled, I will ask my husband to hand wash and hang dry, then I will wash again during laundry day with machine. I trust the machine more than my husband and my own hand’s 😂. If you are okay and confirmed that it’s clean after handwash, you can definitely not re-wash again during your laundry day 😊.

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If it's something minor and salvageable, I'll just soak then wash and dry it. But my baby had few poonamis before, and it was just too much. I just threw the clothes away haha

I simply soak (with baby detergent), rub the soiled spot and rinse, let dry and wash again with the rest of the baby laundry in the next washing session.

I will hand wash as much of the stains out as possible, then soak using detergent, then put in washing machine when wash the rest of the clothes.

I will scrub dirty area immediately with detergent, use vanish if stain is stubborn, then hang in the toilet until next baby laundry session.

I use "vanished" product. it works very well. not sure if it's suitable for baby clothes but my baby skin isn't sensitive

Follow because i also want to know. If not maybe i just throw away? 🤣🤣