Not drinking sufficient?

my girl is 6 weeks old. the first 4 weeks was cared for by nanny and she has no problem finishing her milk. when nanny left, we took over week 5 and she is good. we increase the amount slightly and she drank it all in quite regular intervals. however we experienced difficulties in week 6. she stopped drinking halfway through, fell asleep and reject the milk bottle. initially i found out that we forgot to change to teat to a larger size. after changing, things improved slightly but she is nowhere near her behaviour in week 5. sometimes she is drinking (per interval) less than what she had in week 5. we are puzzled. do we need to change to a different milk bottle with a different teat? yes we understand that the amount of milk intake required against her weight is just an approximate guideline and we dont need to exactly follow it. but now, she seems to be drinking lesser. also, at week 6, do i need to wake her up at night to feed if she dont cue?

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Super Mum

Hi mama, Your little one could be going through a growth spurt which lasts anywhere from 2-3 days to a week or so. Baby will fuss more and drinking patterns as well as napping and sleeping patterns will vary and change. It’s a phase that will be over soon :) Also, if baby is latching, telling how much she’s exactly drinking is just a guess. She could be drinking more from the short but frequent feeds :)

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1y ago

ok thank you so much for your reply.