Baby struggling while drinking milk

Hi everyone! My LO is 11 weeks now and has been rejecting feeding this past 2 days. We are exclusively bottle feeding and she is still using the 0+ mth teat cause she chokes easily. Tried to change to a bigger teat and she is still struggling and even choking on the milk. Sometimes also don’t wanna sit down while burping. Prior to this, she has been drinking very well, finishing the bottle. What should we do?

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is baby using only 1 type bottle or variety bottle? I tried with tommee tippee and my boy choked. so I stick to 1 model only. at that time was using Philips avent. then secondly, try to "play" / "talk" to baby when feeding. just to prevent them getting bored of sucking.. can try tapping the bottle with the cap.. for burping.. If baby don't want to sit. try to lay baby on lap, belly.. sometimes maybe baby might feel bloated and refused to drink milk. so can do some baby leg exercise or can apply baby oil / Ruyi oil and do gentle tummy massage. this will help to expel wind And help in digestion. :) hope it helps :)

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