Did you have a gender reveal party?

Comment with your thoughts if you think its too excessive or perfectly normal.

Did you have a gender reveal party?
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Super Mum

I did it because my mum requested for it 😂 It was fun planning the reveal though, because it wasn’t me who was kept in the dark. It was my guests.. and they had to play games to guess the gender. Heh

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I’m not sure my baby gender as it’s only 13 weeks.

Nope it’s not for me. I find it unnecessary.

No. It's to excessive. To much trash to clear

I think it way too excessive and unnecessary

I think its not common in asia. Wont do it

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I thiNk it's not common in Asia

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Nope! Don't find it necessary

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Didnt do it, too excessive

No, I didn’t have one