appreciation to gynae

Any of you gave any token of appreciation such as cakes to your gynae during post labour follow up?

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Super Mum

I didn't and kinda regret it now. Haha. But the nurse helped us take a picture and print out as a card, and I wrote a few nice words on it and gave back to them. For the next one I think I will give a small token, not just for the gynae but the clinic staff and nurses too!

Super Mum

I gave. Made a card with the picture of my newborn, as well as gave chocolates. Gynae, ward nurses, delivery suite nurses.. but this was before COVID-19

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Yes, i do because the staff is very nice. Sometimes I will buy cakes, kueh or drinks.

Not neccessary. Unless if there is some special reason that you are grateful of.

Famous dao sar piah for gynae and her nurses plus the nurses in the wards.

Super Mum

just a thank you card with photo of her taken with our family

Chocolates for gynae and teams

Yes we bought some muffins

Yes brought some fruits

I bought a fruit basket