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Hi all FTWM, do your mind to share your 24hr schedule when your go back to work at 3mth plus, 4 mth? Like what time your wake up to pump, feed, sleep, as I am trying to prepare myself when I go back to work in a month's time. Currently I'm pumping evry 4 hr and sleeping when baby sleeps, but when work comes in, I'm pretty sure the schedule will change . Thanks for sharing!

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When I went back to work after maternity leave, i was still feeding and/or punping milk every four hours. My daily schedule will be to have the last nursing feed before work abt 7am, pump at work at 11am and 3pm. Will nurse baby again first thing after work at 7pm and 10pm. The 7am, 7pm and 10pm feeds are done concurrently with pumping milk to store. This continued till baby turned 1 when I reduced pumping sessions to only once during work hours. And when baby turned 18 months, went whole day at work without pumping. Only direct feed when baby around. No more pumping milk to store. Now “baby” is turning 3 next month and I am still breastfeeding her (direct latch only) in the morning before work at at night before bedtime.

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