From which month of pregnancy we will have to start using creams for reducing stretch marks?

From which month of pregnancy we will have to start using creams for reducing stretch marks?Which is best available anti stretch mark creams in Singapore

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Hello! I started applying bio oil in first tri. Then bio oil + Clarins from second tri. But I still felt super itchy and so I switched to Palmers. Super amazing - I stopped itching the very next day and I haven't itched since! Price is also super reasonable :) you can get it on Shopee if you're not heading out!

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For all my pregnancies, I use normal olive oil.. The best ever .. ❤️👍🏼 Used to get the Palmer brand for my first born, but it causes more itch .. ☺️ Just remember, trim ur nails and do not scratch the itchy skin areas.. Just keep pouring ur oil or cream that u have over and again… 💋

I started since first tri.. and now I at 18 weeks.. when it gets itchy.. I'll apply the cream again and again till not itchy xD I'm using palmer.. my aunt use clarins it works too.. bio oil does help too.. but I use it only when I feel really dry den oil is an alternative for better moisture..

I started in first trimester, morning and night. Very little no no itching, however did develop some stretch marks now into the third trimester... think it really depends when your body grows significantly in a short time.

start during first trimester. as early as possible and apply diligently. i started with bio oil til my baby bump became more obvious, my tummy gets itchy often and i switched it to Palmers stretchmark cream.

Start as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. I started using at week 5 and don’t have a single stretch mark on my tummy/back/hips.

Hello! I started using Clarins stretch mark expert cream since I was in first trimester pregnancy. ☺️

I started at week 14! clarins stretch marks cream in the morning and clarins stretch marks oil at night.

Been using Mama’s choice since week 5, so far no stretch marks yet. (hopefully it stays this way) 😂

ASAP (I use bio oil) but on more than 20kg, thanks God no stretch mark.