When does stretch marks appear?

Hello all mommy-to-be, I am curious to know when does your stretch marks start appearing? And whether did you start applying stretch mark creams early?

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It varies for individuals. I started applying since week 5, stretch marks appeared at week 38 and after birth. Stretch marks are usually genetic, so if your mom/siblings have them, you’ll more or less have a little too. Please be diligent in applying (I apply on my boobs, thighs, tummy and arms), at the very least you can “slow” down the stretch marks and at the same time keep it moisturised 😅.

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Hi Mummy-to-be, it depends on individual.. I didn’t had any stretch marks for my firstborn but I have it now with second baby (started 29 weeks).. Stretch mark creams are meant for lightening e marks not for prevention to get actually.. My gynae has told me if I really wanted to get rid, I got to consider for laser after birth just FYI..

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I do not have stretch marks for both pregnancy, I started applying shea butter the moment I knew I'm pregnant throughout the entire pregnancy, now having 3rd, hopefully I won't have stretch marks too.


last trimester.. please apply more than 2x a day. I applied 2x and had a big baby. had many stretch marks

At week 37 now… so far no stretch marks and started applying since start of second tri!

start appearing at 37 wks 🙄 1 wks plus before I delivered. applied cream and oil daily.

2y ago

Same here.. 😢 When we were glad there isn't any stretch marks, it suddenly appeared