Is formula milk S26 save for baby 3 month olds. Seems i dun have any breast milk.

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Tulis jawapan
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Ask promoter to advice s26 for 0-6mnth.. if you want to breastfeed again. Have more time skin to skin back with your baby. Let your baby suck your breast more often. This action will signal your body to produce more milk. Take time but you'll get there eventually. Otherwise you can also join happy breastfeeding malaysia. A support group for breastfeed mom. A lot of tips there as well as lactation councellors. You can do it mommy! 😊

Baca lagi
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why you dont have? do you try to pump your breast milk? or get any milk booster? but yes s26 safe for baby.

3y ago

Hi sis, milk booster apa yg membantu?