Is it safe to buy baby product from shopee or taobao to save cost?

First time mummy here. Thinking of ways to save money for bbs expenses

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What do u intend to get? If its clothes im getting loads of it. Sanitary pads, disposable panties, tissues n wet wipes too, as they can be half as cheap as sg retail, after including shipping. But I'm paying abit more for good strollers, car bucket seats n baby cot with gentle motorised rocking function. Those under s$50+- range im not considering, but with budget of around s$200 for each bulky item... Sterilisers im getting steam ones so its fine to get on taobao. Having burnt out a few 30-40watts UV lamps which were meant to sanitise my room, so for UV bb bottles sterilisers i doubt their efficiency n durability, so im not getting it over there. The above items im shipping via a 3rd party forwarder so i spam buy lo. N. Alot things u can compare on shopee n lazada b4 u buy la, so if it's not much of a difference, u just get on local platform.

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Hi mama! Yes saving on baby stuff is always good - especially when things can amount to a big Bill! I think that as long as you do your due diligence and read the reviews of the seller, you can’t go far wrong. I like to buy from local sellers though because it reduces the risk of getting something that I wasn’t looking for. Diapers and wipes are definitely good items to buy online. Look for bulk sales. The other thing I do is to buy local house Brand’s for wet wipes. You might have to try a packet out first to see if you like it tho. I buy my wipes from Redmart by the carton. Hope this helps

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depends on what u buy. milk bottle etc that baby put into mouth, wipes and diapers i think is fine to get from shopee and lazada if there are good reviews. as for things like toys, chair, learning material, i think is fine to buy from taobao ( non food related or things that baby dont put into mouth) they are much cheaper on taobao compare to big brands. like activity centre is the cube toy. the only thing that i buy from official store oine or big sulermarket chain is milk powder and baby food.

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There are many things that are okay to buy preloved and there are many good preloved baby goods group on Facebook: Things I bought preloved 1. Stroller 2. Carrier 3. Cot 4. Rocking chair 5. All furniture for baby’s room 6. All of babies clothes 7. All baby toys 8. All baby books 9. Baby shower tub 10. Steriliser Things I bought new 1. Breast pump 2. Pacifier 3. Skin care (baby wash) 4. Baby bottles 5. Car seat with infant insert

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I bought most of the stuff from shopee but usually from official store. As for Taobao, I bought clothes and some toys (which I used it to do busyboard), but I will read the review before getting them. Just make sure to wash them and disinfectant or sanitise them properly before giving it to your baby, as they tend to put things in their mouth.

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If they r legit shops, i prob would. Im also a first time mum here but wouldnt buy from tb. I think it depends on how comfortable you r? I dont like hand me downs and neither does my hb. 😂

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Carousell can be your option too! Can nego also! Saved big time on diapers Facebook marketplace also can cause some people do give free Shopee for baby clothes v v good quality!

It depends.. for me i will not buy milk powder~ other den that... i do buy quite a bit of stuff like toys, diapers, reputable brand snacks

I bought diapers and wet wipe from shopee bulk purchase. As for clothes, swaddle, handkerchiefs, towels and those misc stuffs from tb.

if u don't mind preloved items u can save a lot, browse FB marketplace or Carousell for goodbuy most baby product won't use for long