1st Visit to KKH. What to expect?

Hello! First time mummy here. I’ll be at the end of week 7 on my 1st visit to KKH (subsidised). May I know what can I expect that will happen on that day? - any test? - any scans? Many thanks!

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Don’t be surprised if the gestational age of your baby is less than 7 weeks. Every 1st visit will definitely have a scan just whether it’s viable enough to see through abdominal scan. If not will be done via vaginal scan. Your EDD will also change on subsequent visits if the scans are near so just follow the doctor’s advices. EDD will change 1 or 2 times to confirm. But usually the 2nd visit will be 4-6 weeks apart depending on their availability. Blood tests for thalessemia etc may be done on your 2nd or 3rd visit, probably just before your Down Syndrome test when you’re about 11-13 weeks. In between, some appts will not have any scans just routine checkup to hear baby’s heart rate and to replenish your multi-vitamins. They will also discuss whether you’re high risk or not. Make sure you take all medication prescribed by the doc.

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2y ago

Thank you for the clarity 🙏

U can do a scan and if you are lucky hear baby’s heartbeat. For my first few visits, I was told to go with a full bladder so it’s easier to scan the tummy for baby’s heartbeat. As baby grows bigger, u don’t have to anymore. The first of the tests (the genetics NIPT tests) will be closer to 10-12 weeks.

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2y ago

Got it thank you 😊

i did an ultrasound scan on week 8, did a blood test, they might ask u to do a urine test to test if there are other virus like HIV all

2y ago

Thanks! :)

likely a vaginal scan cos week 7 is still quite early. no test yet, but gynae will prepare you for the next few appointments