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Hello mummies! I’ll be going for my 2nd appt at kkh next week. i’ll be 10 weeks then. Can anyone share with me what shld i expect from the appt? Is there any test that i’ll have to take? hehe TIA ❤️

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On my 10th week appt, they did an ultrasound scan on me and changed my EDD cause my 1st appt it was still too small to confirm EDD. I could see my tiny baby bouncing already although still so tiny on my 10th week appt which was actually 1 day before I hit 11 weeks. Doc also prescribed me Obimin and DHA and mentioned about Down Syndrome tests on my next visit (12 weeks). High chances you’ll probably get an appt within the next 2 weeks after this 10th week appt. My husband also had to take his blood test on my 10th week appt, and after that we were done with the appt. 12th week appt is doing the Down syndrome test, the scan will be more detailed as compared to your first few scans. You’ll also need to take blood tests. They brief you on the various types of tests and you may decide with your partner which test you’d want to go for. My last appt on 4th May I was at 16 weeks, no scanning at all, doc just used a Doppler to hear the heartbeat and told me on my next appt will be another detailed scan. I’ll be 21 weeks by then. But then again, every pregnancy may require different tests and will experience different kinds of appts.

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awww, seeing my baby is really what gets me excited. but next appt so quick uh, 2 weeks haha. thanks a lot anyways!

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As far as I know, there is no mandatory test around 10 weeks for normal pregnancy. However, you'll be briefed on tests like NIPT etc. to check for any genetic abnormality such as Down syndrome. These tests aren't mandatory though and choice is your if you want to get them done. I didn't get this done as we had decided to keep the baby no matter what. Good luck & take care!

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thank you for the info! ✌🏻😊

As I'm a subsidized patient, I did routine check up ( urine , height and weight, no measurement), had to retake blood test due to some reason and just meet the doctor. No scan just hear baby's heartbeat using Doppler. Then purchase vitamins

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ahhh i see. thank you! sucks that no ultrasound tho, can’t see bb ):