What to expect during first visit at KKH?

Hi, first time mum here. Im currently at 4 weeks pregnant. Will be going for my first visit to KKH next week. Anyone can share what to expect for first visit? And should i prep any questions before my visit? Would be great if u could share the process at KKH too. Thanks #adviceplease

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Just went for 8weeks check at KKH yesterday, simple routine check on weight/height, bp and urine. Then doctor’s consult and do expect the doctor to do scans on the baby either using a abdominal probe first. If bladder is empty, like me, doctor will perform scans using vagina probe. It doesn’t hurt at all. After which doctor will prescribe folic acid 500mg if you need it. Doctor will also recommend some test like NIPT FTS and seek your interest and book your dates. Give you some brochures on the do and donts during pregnancy

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I was under subsidy for KKH so will be different from NUH. I did went to Clinic C had my height weight checked, urine sample and either ill be doctor consultation or ill be at AMC. Questions to ask for me none. Usually if there's any concern then Ill be asking otherwise no. I will ask for folic acid. Then they will have follow up check up following your weeks ahead.

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At this stage they will usually let you see the flicker of the heartbeat on the ultrasound but it will be difficult to hear on the ultrasound, and some reports even say it’s dangerous to baby to use a Doppler (to hear the heartbeat) at this stage.

Did u do any tests of baby’s heartbeat hearing?