First Pre-natal Visit KKH

Hi mummies, I’m having my first pre-natal visit at KKH next week. I’m currently at week 8 now, so i’ll be on week 9 during the visit. I do have few questions in mind: 1. What to expect for the first visit? 2. What are the fee charges for both private and subsidised patient for first trimester check-up? I’m now on subsidised but planning to switch to private. Not sure if I want to switch now or during 2nd/3rd trimester. Another thing is that I do not have any gynae in mind yet so yeap.. #advicepls #firstmom #pleasehelp

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1. dr will ask for detailed health history and do a scan to date EDD, prepare any necessary questions you have and ask for medications if you need (eg for morning sickness) 2. depends on your subsidy rate actually, hard to determine. switch during 3rd trimester better. since you are week 9, it’s close to the first trimester screening date (around weeks 11-13), so dr may schedule you for that soon.

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