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Hi.. first time mom here. Currently at may 21 weeks. Last week I went to my Gyne and I do labtests, which of the result, I’ve had high count on my White Blood Cells and infection on urine.. now my gyne gave me antibiotics. I’m still worried it may affect my baby... is anyone else here have it too? How do you feel? And did it get better? Thanks..

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If u have been prescribed with antibiotics by ur gynae, best for u take it so u can recover. I had yeast infection and I got to know during labour for my 3rd pregnancy and doc said that supposedly I should have gotten it treated earlier and thank God mine was a csect chances of baby getting infected is lesser than norm delivery and can affect baby's immune system. Now my 4 yo is healthy as ever so I'm gladful and thankful for that. Now my 4th pregnancy I just got treated again for yeast infection and was given antibiotics and now fully recovered from it so best to get it treated.

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Hi, you need to check what are the causes of your increased HBC and urine infection. If there is vaginal discharge in the urine that would cause the urine test to show as infection. I was just recently given antibiotics that I refused to take due to its side effects. In Europe doctors strictly dont give antibiotics to pregnant women, unless it is a life-threatening condition. Please ask for further information and alternative methods.

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Dear mama, I experience the exact same thing as u. I had blood in my urine my entire pregnancy 🤰 and my white blood cells are very high. I had slight bleeding too during my pregnancy. I didn’t take any antibiotics. Pls don’t worry!! Everything will be fine Insya allah. Sending love and light your way!! 🤲🏻🤍✨

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1y ago

My baby is well and healthy! Born 3.62 kg! 🥰 heheh

I had UTI & bacteria in my urine too . I completed the antibiotics that prescribed by NUH . When I was in labor , doctor gave me antibiotics every 4 hours , till I gave birth . LO born normal & healthy weighing 3.3kg . All is well mummy . In shaa allah .

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Some antibiotics are safe in pregnancy. So if your gynae gives them to you, don’t worry and just take okay?:) similarly, some people are also given antibiotics for other conditions like respiratory tract infections.

2y ago

Thank you <3

I too goes on anti biotic as I got once infection and it didn't do anything wrong with my baby worst is u don't treat it will cause more damage to uterus

I had UTI too. Its okay you can take the medicine as prescribed. Your gynae wont give you medicine that is not safe for pregnancy

There are antibiotics that are safe for pregnant women. If your dr prescribed it then you have nothing to worry about.

Did you have any symptoms? Like urinating pain etc?

me to ,so sad but we need to fight for our baby