Preparing for baby’s arrival

Hello all, first time mama here. Jus wanted to check when is a good time to start washing baby’s clothes and do the setting up of baby cot etc to prep for baby’s arrival? Thanks in advance for your advice!

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I started washing baby’s clothes, bedsheets, carrier & other fabric things around 31/32 weeks bit by bit as people were still giving me some stuffs & some stuff I bought haven’t arrive but I felt super restless knowing it’s not done 😅 Cot was set up around week 34 as I wanted to get used to the placement in my room(also because I felt restless) & I covered it with a big bicycle cover from daiso to keep it clean & also vacuum/mop/clean the floor around it often. Packed baby’s clothes from even before washing to get a rough idea on how I’d wanna organise it, set up diaper caddy during week 35 but kept as much as possible in packaging still. Baby bottles/pump parts were washed in week 37 & kept in big container. Weeks following will consist of constant vacuuming, cleaning as much as I could, organising & final touches of equipment placement. I believe things will change after baby comes home so I just leave some stuff to after😌 I’m currently still pregnant & restless despite already done 80% of things. Due soon & can’t wait to see my baby. My advice for you is to take it slow & do bit by bit, at your own pace, whatever is most comfortable for you, there’s no fixed time to do all these it’s just whatever makes the most sense to you. All the best!

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I started washing and setting up at 30 weeks cause I only do this on weekends. Best to be prepared by 36 weeks. If fixing cot yourself, better do earlier cause by 34 weeks your bump is so big, hard to do stuff.

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Thank you!

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I did them about a month before my EDD. Also bought the removable wall stickers to decorate baby’s room (so I can remove them in the future when the kid’s too big. Haha) at about 5-6 months pregnant.

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Shopee and qoo10:)

I’m thinking 3 weeks to 1 month before EDD is good. Intending to get a small, portable washing machine to exclusively wash baby clothes so I don’t have to do hand wash and squat with a huge tummy.

2y ago

I’m looking at this foldable and portable washing machine. Can use for travel also.

2-3 weeks before. For cot, wipe a bit before placing baby in. Washed clothes can be placed in ziplog bags to prevent them from getting dusty.

Probably week 36 weeks onwards! I wouldnt want to wash too early cos scared it collects dust

Can start washing the clothes when free. For cot, I only set up when close to edd.

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I wash 1 mth before EDD then put inside ziplock bag.

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3 to 4 weeks before should be fine(:

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did couple of months before EDD