Morning sickness stopped after one week

This is my first pregnancy hence I think I am more paranoid: I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant about 1.5 weeks ago and went to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy. We could already see the baby’s heartbeat through vaginal ultrasound. I had morning sickness for about a week and it was so bad. I couldn’t keep anything down and felt terrible the whole day. Then, the morning sickness is gone SUDDENLY. I feel like my normal self again for almost half the week. My appetite is back and I don’t feel so lethargic anymore. Now I am a bit worried. Is it normal to feel okay so soon? Now I am about 7 weeks pregnant.

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We are all different. No exact timing for everyone. Some people might not even feel any morning sickness throughout the entire pregnancy. So it's good to feel normal so quickly.

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Mine stopped suddenly after I came back from a drip in hospital too.. gynae thot was weird too.. but after check up, everything was fine.. do go for a check if u r worried..

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Yaya. Better be safe. Go check with gynae to hv peace of mind

Sounds OK to me. If you are scared then just go for a check

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Seek advice from your gynae if you are worried.

Go and see the gynae if u are too worried...

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Better be safe. See gynae again

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suggest to see dr to be safe

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