19 weeks pregnant & only a small bump should i be worried ?

Hi this is my first pregnancy and i'm currently 19 weeks only showing a non visible bump my friend who is 18 weeks has a bigger bump than me should i be worried?...

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Dont worry mine started to pop only during w28/29. Other than that I could still wear my old pants.

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nope. no need to worry, especially if its your first preg. most can see by third trimester

Don't worry. My bump wasn't visible until 6 months. I gave birth to a healthy baby.

nothing to worry about! my bump only showed at 37weeks, 1 week before i delivered!

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It's fine. You may wish to consult your gynaecologist on your next visit

as long bb is healthy n different ladies bump varies

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No need to worry until u have a health baby growth

don’t worry, it’s considered normal.

No , mine showed only around 20 weeks

don't worry, everyone is different