Is baby ok?

Hi everyone! I am currently at 14weeks and my next gynae appt will be in 2 weeks time. My last scan was when I was at 12 weeks. It's a month of wait for my next scanning appt. I cant help but to worry if my baby is okay. Any tips or clues to know that baby is fine besides ultrasound scan? #1stimemom #pregnancy #justasking

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I feel you! when I was at your stage I was anxious in between each appt because the gap is too far (as per my thinking hehe) but there is really nothing you can do. just look out for the usual signs like bleeding, cramping etc etc.. and keep a positive mind and eat healthy, and don't strain yourself! Good luck mummy!

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Nothing you can do. You'll only have a number of scans throughout your pregnancy, not on every checkups. And those are the important ones such as your baby's growth scan, usually done on week 20-ish. Worry does not do good to your pregnancy. But if you're too anxious, opt for private scans in private clinics.

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It’s normal to go back for ultrasound and dr appt every 2 weeks at 1st trimester.. At 2nd trimester dr will tell u come back once a mth.. I know how it feel, just relax and try talking to ur baby.. Eat healthy and rest more! 😊 Don’t be too stressed or overthinking as it’s not so good yah?

theres nothing much you can do. just please don't worry too much ok? remember, happy mummy, happy baby! ☺️

you can buy a baby heart beat monitor to check baby's heart beat anytime and relieve your stress.

donwori so much. just take care of urself & bb will be fine.