Just finished watching Maalala Mo Kaya featuring Courageous Caitie. The story so heartbreaking. :( Parents, can you share one valuable realization that you've learned from the family?

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Caitie's story is indeed painful to watch especially for families who are going through or have gone through the same situation. I can see the strength and courage of my parents in Caitie's parents. They lost my eldest brother when he was 4, I was 6 months old then. My mom even told me that she can't bear watching MMK til the end last night. Despite the trauma and tragic experience in the family, they stood together and supported each other. I believe that's most important factor next to their faith in God. I admire Caitie's parents for sharing their daughter's story to the world even if it pains them so much to recall and share each detail over and over again. I realized life is indeed short. Love and spend as much time with your family each single day you are alive so there will be no regrets that you have not given your all. It's just too painful that I still can't express everything I want to say about Caitie's life story. :(

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When I've watched the episode, I really admired how the parents pulled off everything despite such a great loss. They really did a good job in raising a daughter as brave and genuine-hearted like Caitie. I've learned that it really makes everything so light if you accept God's will wholeheartedly. I admired how they saw beauty in the death of a loved one. It takes so much courage to do such.

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I shed tears for that story too! :(' And it made me think more about the importance of life. That whatever it is that we are currently facing, we face it full of hope and courage because the life given to use is so precious and it's all that we need to protect after all.