Finding catering with nice food and cheap for 50 pax and also dessert table with banner and balloons and decorations for my lo's first birthday ~ TIA

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Whatsapp Shoan at +65 9118 9163. LPH catering. Halal caterer. Nice food & cheap! $10 nett price no GST! For above $500 orders also free delivery, setup & tear down. I have been ordering from them for years already for all my events & gatherings. Let him know you're Charmaine's friend + if you need more disposable/take away boxes etc, just let them know in advance! They will arrange for you.

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Neo garden is common but u can try the sister company, orange clove. Taste wise is good but portion i feel reasonable only. So far, no issues and complaints. Have used them for my office events and they worked out great. For deco, can try buying online or go skp to do diy.

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I use Neo garden for my boy birthday party. Nice food with reasonable price. Dessert table I DIY. Just print out the images of the theme characters and paste it on the candies. Balloon can get from Q10, it's much more cheaper than retail like spotlight or some parties store.

Do U need halal ? If halal, can try HOWs catering. If not, you can order Mei hao or rasel Cathering. Their food is nice. These 3 catering I ordered for office event all feedback is good. My fren do very nice jelly cake and cream cake. They do dessert table as well.

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Food and cakes you can try e-creative. Portions are quite big and food are tasty. Had this caterer for many occasions and thumbs up for all.You may want to DIY for dessert table and get the balloons online. If you need goody bags, I can provide though.

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6y ago

Can show me the picture? Cos I can't find e-creative in fb

VIP Member This one of the package that include the backdrop and family wear, many of my mummy friends engage from them with good reviews.

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What about stamford? Their food is nice, deco is nice too. And it's halal too. now got discount with DBS/POSB too.

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You can try They have a wide range of caters with reviews, pricing, ratings. Quite a informative website!

Buttercake and cream is great!

Orange Clove is quite okay.