Gabay sa Quarantine Eating

So here are just a few of the food we ate during quarantine. Food almost takes over my phone gallery! But when I scroll down and look at the food we ate, I realized that quarantine eating for me and my family could have been better and I should have chosen food options that are delicious but are healthy as well. With the live webinar last August 11, hosted by The Asian Parent Philippines in partnership with Sanofi, many healthier options were discussed by the experts. Sharing to you some of my key takeaways: 1. moderation is the key to a healthier eating lifestyle, too much of sugar and salt intake is unhealthy. 1 tsp of salt intake is enough for a day. Let us always look at the nutritional facts to see that what we eat is in moderation 2. we must veer away from eating canned goods and instant noodles because it has a lot of preservatives. For noodles, we can makenit healthier by adding real vegetables like malunggay 3. we must eat healthy food especially during this pandemic and load up on vegetables where we can gemamagsharesthelove a lot of nutrients and vitamins, let us boost our immune system 4. less use of salt, soy sauce in food preparation is a must, avoid drinking soda 5. some of the healthy dishes to prepare for our family are tinolang manok, ginisang gulay, go grow glow foods! 6. health is wealth 7. we are in control of the food we prepare and eat, thus, we can choose to live a healthier lifestyle and start anytime in eatine healthier foods 8. there are healthy recipes in The Asian Parent App 9. Control and limit intake of coffee, and yes Dalgona is unhealthy because it has lots of sugar and caffeine. This topic was very timely and very relatable to all of us since it discussed Healthy Eating During this Quarantine! So I learned a lot more about food eating habits, proper diet, health and nutrition from the health experts, Dr. Geraldine Zamora and Dr. Lynn Gomez. Such an exciting and very informative webinar indeed and it really inspired me as a mom to start living a healthier eating lifestyle! Thank you The Asian Parent PH and Sanofi for a much needed #FAMHEALTHY live webinar on quarantine eating! How about you? Do you also have questions or tips on quarantine eating? Share the love mommies! #sanofiacts #famhealthy #theasianparentph #theasianparentphlive @theasianparent_ph @sanofi #mamagsharesthelove

Gabay sa Quarantine Eating
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Super Mum

thanks for sharing! guilty of drinking too much soda 😅

1y ago

me tooo huhuhu! but its never too late to stop!