Mommies, any tips para kumain ang kids ng healthy food??

I have a toddler who loves to eat junk food and during this quarantine period, it’s been extra difficult to make him eat healthy food. Thankfully I attended the webinar from TAP and Sanofi on the topic #Famhealthy Gabay sa Quarantine Eating last Tuesday, August 11. I learned that we can always choose a healthier substitute and still enjoy the usual favorites such as sushi bake and milk tea. Also, we can add egg or malunggay when eating instant noodles. I really loved the advise of Dr. Lyn to eat little, do more. Kayo mga mommies, any tips on how to make kids eat healthier ngayong quarantine? #sanofiacts #theasianparentph

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Super Mum

we make sure may fruits lagi sa bahay kahit banana or apples lang. this quarantine mas madalas ang lutong bahay, and we make sure na if masyado ng mameat ang ulam, to include veggies in the menu. 😊

1y ago

Thank you for the tip, Mommy!