This few days I got a cough.. my cough is like dry n itchy, whenever I felt itchy the cough started.. can I take cough medication during my pregnancy?

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Hi... you might wanna try some of the remedies suggested in this article

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Some medicine you can’t take. Only certain medicine that is safe for pregnancy . Please go to doc first. Ask doc to explain what type of medicine you can take.

Yes of course you can take cough medication but do visit the doctor to get the required dosage. Try not to self medicate just in case

Best to get doctor's advice to get medicine which is safe for pregnancy. In the meantime, perhaps u could try warm honey lemon water.

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Hi... everything is safe in my opinion. Balance is key. In this situation, its for a natural remedy so insha allah it is safe.

I'm having it now😅 but i just went to the polyclinic. They'll know what to give for pregnant women(:

3y ago

Ohh I see hahahaha ok² can tq... 😁🤣🤣🤣🤣

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You have to see your doctor


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Let your doctor know you’re pregnant:)