Tips to survive 3rd trimester

Hello fellow mums, I'm 31 weeks pregnant and been experiencing insomnia for so many weeks already. Baby is super active all the time, and wakes up to move a lot when I lay down to rest. I feel more easily tired and exhausted. I'm currently on leave, but will resume work in Jan. Quite worried that I can't cope because I will. Have to get up at 5.45am for work and usually end work only at 5-6pm, sometimes 8pm on occasion. Any mothers experienced the same thing and can give me any tips?

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Hi dear! I experienced the same. My little one was super active and I got tired really easily at work. I managed my time well while working. If I can rest a little more during lunch time at work, I will grab that. 15 mins rest at work helped also. If your management is ok, do let them know. Most would understand like mine did. I worked all the way till my 8th month and gave birth 2 weeks after I went for my maternity leave. Hydrate yourself and eat well. Somehow it helps a little but as you go closer to your edd, baby will be less active due to space constraints. But again, it depends! I hope you have sufficient rest and feel better soon :)

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4y ago

Thank you! I'll keep these in mind!

Hi, yes I've experienced it too. My baby getting more active all the day, especially evening & mid night time. As I'm working retail, requires me to stand longer and move around and this makes me even more tired and hungry. For me, I will take a small break every two hours, drink water and small bites. At midnight if baby kicking or stretching too harsh just use your hand and touch your belly and talk to him/her. They will listen to you too.

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Hi fellow mummy! Im also on my 3rd trimester having hard time to sleep as well because of the urge to urinate and also baby is active at night. I usually talk to my baby that mummy need to rest and sleep, that he too should rest, and i felt somehow my little one listens. Try to communicate with ur baby while rubbing your belly i think it helps. 😊

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Hi I’m in my week 31 too and been having sleepless nights. Can be as little as 30min of sleep per night. Told my gynae about it and was given piriton (drowsy meds that’s safe for pregnancy). I take it at night when I really need some good rest to function properly at work the following day. Jia you!

yes me too.. exact same situation as u. so I request for HL from my.gynae. and aso take sick leave. no choice.