Exhausted in first trimester

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and I am feeling so incredibly exhausted everyday. Sometimes I think it’s just me being lazy but I really am too tired to do anything and I want to lie down all day. Anyone feels the same and can share any tips to get more energy?

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My second pregnancy I feel fatigue and I just tell myself to do what I can. I dont push myself to do what I cant do. Keep my energy most of the time. And I do one thing at a time. Ill plan what I want to do everyday so I dont have accummulate task everyday.

sleep! I don't use to sleep a lot but have been sleeping all day one of the weekends and feel I can function better after one day of binge sleep per week. it's like getting to know what works for you in this new experience

Same for me! I won’t even say I’m tired, I’m EXHAUSTED. I can’t even walk 100m without feeling like I cannot breathe. My husband is not thinking if we should even proceed to travel to London end month.

I try to have an earlier night than my usual habit. And also not travel around too much. I’m having a trip overseas though 2 weeks ltr, praying that I will be able to cope 😅

For the past few days i feel exhausted too and been lying down on bed and sleeping and apart from being exhausted I am low in energy because I have not been eating much


I feel the same. I am also 7weeks. I just keep eating banana and force myself to do things even I really really want to sleep .

I think it’s normal but most important is not to push beyond it if you’re really tired find a way to get some rest.

I sleep at 8-9pm everyday nowadays lol. rest is very important in the first trimester, so just listen to your body

5 weeks pregnant and feeling really tired everyday too. Have been napping in the day, which is unusual.

Just listen to your body! Rest if you feel you need it