Feeling depressed. My in-laws expect a boy from us right from the start. We have 3 girls now. And now that am pregnant again, they think the 4th one for sure is a boy. If it's a girl again, they will definitely think something is wrong with me and I am super unlucky not to have a boy at all. Seriously don't feel like announcing my pregnancy to them and also sharing the gender with them. #1 it was 75% confirm to be a girl and they insists the doctor is talking bullshit. Oh Wells.

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Girl or boy doesn’t matter , if it’s me I would tell them to go breed a baby boy themselves .
Remember having a kid is a blessing, gender should not be important
it's not like we can choose which button to push at the vending machine lah. what...sigh
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Its our own kids.. Not theirs ultimately. Let them know its what God plan to give, and gender determines from your hubby. Dont add these unworthy stress to yourself. Im having 3 gals too. And if the 4
I would let them know that it is their son that determines the sex of the baby