Is it okay to be naked in front of my baby?

My baby is 7 months now. Should I stop?

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I’m smiling as I’m reading this as my husband and I have mixed views on this. It really does depend on the values and beliefs you wish to instil. My husband comes from the school of thought that modesty is a virtue and a good value to instil in our children. Therefore, we stop being naked in front of our children by the age of 1-1.5years. For me, I don’t go as far as being naked in front of my boys (I’m okay showering in front of my girl). I believe that everyone should be comfortable with their own bodies as it’s important for cultivating body confidence. I also like them asking questions because it’s a good learning opportunity. We try to teach our children respect for others’ bodies too - what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate, what’s personal space and so on. I’m not a guru and well, we’re all really just trying our best as parents so whatever works best for you. Hope this helps somewhat

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Actually feel free to bond with your kids in your own way. As long as you feel good. +ve Aurora is important. Each family have different memories of the bond with parents. So dont feel bad. I recall the nurse told me best for kids to feel skin to skin when i was advise for breastfeeding as the kids feel you the best😁 At 7mths,7yrs,17,27,37 i dont even recall a thing.

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2y ago

I think most important is to teach them the right thing about their body. With the right info and the proper boundaries in place, even seeing opposite gender parents should be fine. The clear message should be that it’s not ok if it’s outside of the home or when there are outsiders in the house. If just parents and siblings should be ok. It presents an opportunity to teach them about the difference between male and female body parts and that it’s not normal to shame others about their body image. They might even get curious and it will be possible to do some sex education before they learn it in school.

It really depends on how you are going to educate your kids about it. All of us are born naked and we get naked to have kids. It’s important that you give the right information about nudity to your kids.

I think opposite gender parent should not show nudity to the kid. That's my view. However sexual orientation is a complex thing. You decide yourself ah 😁

Well,, my personal opinion is ok since my "naked" is really only go out shower and use clothes. But its up to your privacy level lah

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It’s ok to do so, I only do it when I come out from bath. & they are still young. Maybe set a target when you think it matters ?

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Depends on how you feel about nudity. I am okay with it and am comfortable with my child seeing my body (she’s a girl)

I read an article when a mother undressed in front of her Son and there was a negative effect in the long run.

Hi, It is a very subjective question and depends a lot on your comfortability as well