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Hi experienced moms, may I know if I should buy maternity pads to pack in my hospital bag? Do all moms bleed after giving birth (planning for vaginal birth)?

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Whether you deliver your baby vaginally or c-sect you'll still bleed. But not every mums will bleed heavily. I bled heavily with 4 of my kids. Everytime I got down from the bed, blood will drip. I always had to change the bedsheet and my hospital attire. Same at home I need to use the blue/green pad to cover. But I bled lesser this time. Not sure if it's because I was given an anti clot med & jab. But I've never brought any pads along. The hospital will provide for you. In NUH there'll be 2 types of pads all ready in the drawer beside. The one for maternity with string and the normal pad with wings. You just need to buy for home use. Depends how your bleeding is. I bought the 40cm but end up using the normal pad.

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Yes! I was bleeding quite badly the first few days when in the hosp! I got off my bed to go to the toilet and i was dripping as i walked! The hosp have those tie ones.. but i was given those stick ones before i popped.. honestly my own bag had my 40cm laurier pads 😂 though i brought along the maternity pad which i bought 😅 ended up i used 1 maternity pad and subsequently my own ones 😂😂. Gave birth at mt e novena in case u are also delivering there!

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Yea you will bleed quite heavily in the first 2-3 days in hospital so maternity pads and undies will be provided by the hospital (I just delivered at TMC). When you get home normal night time pads will do.

Hmm yes of course 😂 that's why there are maternity pads. you will bleed heavily. normally hospital will provide but you will need to buy it still because you will continue to bleed a few weeks

I kiasu bought depend adult diapers which was on sale in Shopee to prep for bleeding and also third trim constant peeing at night back hurts a lot and it takes a lot of effort to get out of bed

I brought mine but didn’t use. As for me less bleeding and I was on slim wings pad from 2nd day onwards. I guess it really depend on individual. But it’s always good to keep it as standby.

planning to buy Kotex or Sofy overnight panties from Shopee. like a diaper. just in case. my edd will be early Jan 22. my friends say that we'll bleed badly after giving birth.

Yes all mums will bleed lochia. I prepared sofy cooling night pads, disposable underwear and Kotex overnight maternity underwear

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yes please prepare normal pads or maternity pads depends on your preference

in KKH they provide maternity pads.