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Anyone given birth at Mount Elizabeth Novena before? What does the hospital provides for mummy and baby? I’m thinking if I need to pack clothing or maternity pads, things like that?

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Actually dont need to bring much. I totally overpacked mine haha. Hospital gown, slippers, toileteries, maternity pads, disposable underwear, wet wipes were all given by the hospital. Essentials to pack I would say is clothing for discharge (a whole set for you and baby), nipple balm (was so thankful i brought it cos im a ftm and my nipples were all cracked from trying to breastfeed for the first time), marriage cert/NRIC for baby birth cert registration, gynae receipts for claims. Portable charger might also be good to have- i had a csect and having a portable charger allowed me to have my phone at all times since i cant move around freely.

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I overpacked too cause everything the hospital provides. just need most importantly ur clothes and baby when discharge and if u want to use ur own brand of maternity pads and phone charger. gyne receipts for claims. nipples cream most important for me cause I went to buy at hospital pharmacy. bring my marriage cert but didn't use cause haven decide on baby name so didn't register on the day only after a few days later. the rest all use hospital items. packed too much In the end unpacked them so troublesome and tiring.

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I gave birth at mt e novena in aug. Dont have to bring your own maternity pad unless you not comfortable using theirs. I brought mine and couldnt even remember when i used it. U just nd to prepare your go home clothes, baby’s go home clothes, swaddle, jacket if u need(i brought n didnt use). Bring your charger, admission docs and gynae receipts.

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8mo ago

No problem! I brought my own disposable underwear also..

Delivering there too. May I ask if they charge for the disposable underwear and pads? My thinking is to bring my own if they charge when I ask for extras

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they provided all the toiletries, maternity pads and disposable underwear, just need to pack the clothes for you and baby during discharge

you can bring your pump along if you intend to use it. as lactation consultant can teach you how to use and measure the flange size for you.

8mo ago

Mt e novena one nv even measure. They just tell u ur size 😅😂


I only pack clothes for me and baby on discharge

only clothing for discharge will do