nuh class b2 ward

hi what do i need to pack and bring in my hospital bag? what do NUH provide when delivering? do they provide diapers, maternity pads etc. do i need to bring toiletries for baby and me? towel?

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I delivered in 2019. So not sure if things are still the same. Diapers and maternity pads don’t need! They will also provide disposable undies for u! I think I brought my own toiletries. Can’t rmb if they provided any though. I didn’t shower my baby while we were there. Didn’t bring towel for myself either. I think just bring your documents, clothes for you and baby. Pump if u need help from LC.

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10mo ago

awww good to know we dont have to bring so many things. thankyou so much for ur answer 😊😊