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My ex husband wanna to change my son birth certificate meaning cancel his name... Do you think Ica allowed it? My bf wanna to put under his name coz he pity a 1month baby... My bf love so much n take as his son... Can assist me

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You can’t change the birth father’s name on the birth cert. But honestly, a child doesn’t look at a birth cert to know who loves him or acts like a father towards him. So if your bf continues to love your son, that’s the best dad your son can ask for. As for your husband, tell him his name can’t be removed. He needs to continue taking responsibility for getting you pregnant, and pay for child support.

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Should be able to get a deed poll done to change his name on ic next time. I did that as an adult so my birth certificate is old name but my ic is new name. You can Google for more info. For dad’s name, should be cannot change. Must undergo adoption process.

removal of biological dad’s name is possible but inputing of yr bf’s name cannot unless y’all get married & he adopts your son then he’ll be considered his child.

Better check with ICA. My guess is cannot. If want to change father’s name, it’s considered an adoption process

If you want to have your ex hub pay maintenance fee, best is don't remove.

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Best to check and confirm directly with the ica staff