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Hi everyone! Any recommendations for strollers?? Hopefully it can be handy and can hold weights up to 20kg and maybe face both sides:)

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I was torn between the Bugaboo Ant, Bee 6 and the Babyzen YoYo2. Went to the Mothercare at HarbourFront Ctr and had a good hands-on on all three! The staff was super helpful with demonstrating the functions. Decided to go with YoYo2 because it’s the most convenient to fold and unfold if you’re alone, cabin-sized and the staff got me when he sat on the stroller to show how sturdy and solid it is - I WAS SOLD. 🤣

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hi all, I decided to get tavo innospin stroller. it can hold up to 22kg and yup! it fits all of my descriptions :) though it is a little heavy compared to the rest, but I love it. the space at the bottom quite spacious for me and I didn't have to get an extra hook at the back as it has a compartment for me to put things. thank you all for the suggestions

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1y ago

Thanks! Just saw it over the weekend. Pretty interesting idea to swing the whole seat around. The handlebars are also quite an idea!

Bugaboo Bee 6. Not a lightweight stroller but very sturdy, and can be folded with just one hand. Baby may face you or face front too. Plus adjustable heights for handlebar.

hi, my brother is selling off his stroller.. u keen? its still in excellent condition. only used once.

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1y ago

it's alright, I just want to check out on the stroller first :)

Hi, Many of my friends use Bugaboo and they really like it for the baby


keenz is very good but don't have facing both side is facing out.

You can try check it out on joie mirus

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