Hello everyone. this post is for my BestFriend who is currently suffering from all the Covid-Symptoms but don’t like to be tested.. she keeps on doing self medicate. I’m really worried for her, her mother who is senior and her baby. She’s experiencing hard time breathing, Fever on and off. Cough and Colds SoreThroat Body painand Weakness. Her cough keeps her awake all night. She can’t sleep. Her mother also has the Symptoms of covid. She always told us “COVID NA TO” but refuse to have them check so that they could have proper treatment. I’m really worried for her baby since covid is a traitor. Her partner is a Lazada Rider. And he’s the first one who got sick. They know already they get the virus from his Partner who’s always been expose to people and parcels because of his line of work.. I just dont know what to do. I already pushed her to do whats right for them. but still refuse. Months before I told her to get vaccinated but refuses, and now she’s telling me “SANA NAG PA VACCINE NA PALA AKO”.. UPDATE.. Please pray for her and her baby, they’re both now fighting for their life. TO ALL PREGNANT OUT HERE PLS PLS GET VACCINATED! #advicepls #pleasehelp

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sending prayers