Happy Mother's Day!

To the person whose love and sacrifice is greater than for herself. To the person whose fears and thoughts are always for her children. To the person whose dedication for her family is immeasurable. To the person who's constantly tired but is willing to do more for her kids. To the person who lost herself so she can give life to another. To the person who felt neglected because she feels no one understands her. To the person being judged because her parenting choice is different from that of others. To the person whose being frowned because she takes an hour or 2 of "me time". To the person who takes care of herself so she can radiates positivity to everyone else around her. To the person who rear a child even if his not hers but love him as her own. To the person reading this, may you always be loved and appreciated. Happy Mother's Day. l love you 🥰❤️ #MothersDay2021 #vipparentsph

Happy Mother's Day!
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