Hi everyone. I'm a ftm and my lo is @ 6 months now. I just started mixfeeding him. Is there a pattern or schedule that I should follow? Nasanay ako sa breastfeeding na by demand ang pag feed kay lo. Currently, this is the pattern that i'm doing; BM1, F1, F2, F3, BM2, BM3 (5 ounces per feeding, both for breastmilk and formula, with 4 hours interval). Is this ok lang? Thoughts? Thankie thankie ❤

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Hi mommy! Are you working? Maybe you can also try FM in the morning or whenever you're busy with something then unli-latch during downtime. I think it's still important to unlilatch ng magkakasunod para hindi humina ang milk.

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ako nun mommy nung may work pa, sa gabi na lang nagpapa-bf. pero nag pump din ako para at the same time may madede din sya the following day kasabay ng formula nya