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Dear Mummies, I am a little worried as my baby bump is quite huge at week 25 compared to others. But my weight has gained 4kg thus far.. Will it be due to gestational diabetes?

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I’m huge as well, bigger than my colleague who is delivering this month (my edd is in April). So far Doctor said my baby is average size and I’m not overweight. Tested, no gestational diabetes. I guess it is either genes or just our body structure that make us appear huge when we are pregnant. Don’t worry, a happy mama, a healthy baby. Take good care and God bless you and baby.

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Don’t worry. My build is small.. n everyone see my belly feel is so big. Doctor will inform u if ur bb is growing too much or what. Jus control intake of carbo n sugar.

My tummy is huge too but due to high level of amniotic fluid. I only gained 2kg so far. 35w4d today.

2y ago

I'm free from gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, hbp but my AFI is high. My baby's weight is only 2.3kg. Broke my waterbag @ 35w3d and probably will be giving birth tomorrow @ 36 wks or anytime baby wanna comes out. Now my tummy is smaller after all the leaking.

u didnt go for ogtt? by wk 25, you should already been scheduled to go take the glucose test..

2y ago

Scheduled on the 27th week..

Don’t worry.. size of tummy doesn’t matter.