Morning sickness first trimester

Hello everyone! Being a first time mum isn’t easy for me because I have been experiencing nausea since the sixth week (now gg into 11th week and it doesn’t seem to get better).. does anyone have the same experience of vomiting gastric juices / bile juice (especially in the morning)? I have tried all sorts of methods but it doesn’t seem to work all the time. It frustrates me a lot because it is affecting my daily life. #advicepls

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I've been experiencing nausea since week 4 and then week 6 it got worse cos that was when I actually felt nauseous and also started vomiting bile juice. some were good days, light nausea no vomit, some wet bad days, feeling nauseous throughout the day and puked bile juice once daily. then... week 8 until now, the nauseous and vomiting got way worse like I puked 4x the day before ytd, bile juice and some food and bound to puke at least once everyday. the only remedy I could find is really force myself to sleep although it's only for a couple of hours. I tried eating the preggie pop drops but it didn't really help me or rather, I would end up puking. drinking 100 plus helps me with hydration and currently I'm drinking reduced sugar soya milk to make me feel fuller and hydrated cos plain water now puts me off but I still sip it throughout the day. I also try to eat like 4 meals a day and I'm coming to realise the nausea hits 100% whenever I'm awake and stomach is empty. I also pray that my morning sickness will subside soon cos it's really unbearable........

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Hi! You can ask your gynae for diclectin, it doesn’t make it go away completely but you’ll at least be able to keep a meal down for the baby. ❤️ It’s a Class A med so it’s very safe for the baby and you, just be prepared for its sleepy side effects. You’re only at Week 11 so it’s still early, most of my friends on average feel better after Week 15. 🙏🏻 Some of us though will continue to have morning sickness through our entire pregnancy. 😅 (I’m a FTM at Week 35 and still vomiting 1-2 days a week up to 3 times a day, so I feel you. It’s already considerably better than my earlier part of the pregnancy where I was vomiting up to 8 times a day until Week 25, so I’m thankful. 😂 Hope you won’t be in the same situation.)

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hello~ I've also been experiencing nausea since week 4 till now. I'm currently week 14. Totally understand how you feel as I often vomit gastric / bile in the morning after I wake up... I realised this happens to me especially when the night before I'm already feeling unwell. As I progress in weeks I'm also starting to have indigestion which triggers vomiting too... there isn't a specific method that works all the time for me. but some of the things I do includes ensuring not going to bed with an empty stomach (I'll have half glass of milk), drinking ginger tea to ease indigestion/nausea, and when I wake up I'll quickly have some biscuits even thou I might not be hungry. 😊😊 jia you~

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me too. i was having it bad in my 5th - 6th week, before my 1st gynae trip. couldnt tahan so much such that i went to see a gp. gp gave me some medicine which lasted for a few days and it kinda worked. now i'm on gynae prescribed medication for vomitting. i can function better with that, but the medicine only last me for 2 weeks.

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Hi! I have been like that from around wk4 of my pregnancy, now I am at week 12 and it's ALOT better - I still feel nausea in the morning, but rest of days feel much better than previously. take it easy and trust that it will get better! Ginger tea did help me when I felt really bad.

same here but mine is just like belching all the time nothing comes out. I get it worse when I'm hungry for too long and end up having so much gas i cannot lie down at night! I'm constantly reminding myself to eat throughout the day (no choice) so it helps a little.

Congratulations mama! Having light meals, especially dinners and lemon water with black salt helped me. Don't worry! it should stay settling down now. For me, it started getting better week 12 onwards. Goodluck

I feel you, I had MS week 6 to 16. Nothing helped, and I lost a lot of weight. If you're not already on Diclectin, you can try to ask the doctor for it. Else, just keep and eye out for dehydration.

Yes me! I just deposited into the big white throne. 🤢 But mine is not in the morning. It’s after I attempt to eat.

I will drink plain water with addition of sour plum.