hubs is always on his phone

Ever since I'm pregnant with my 2nd my hubs always on his phone, right after he wake up in the morning and before go to bed. We dont cuddle anymore and he dont look at me the same way that he use to. We dont even go out on dates or have a time for ourselves without our baby. I'm getting more stress every day with this feeling that he gets bored of me and never once he talk about our date nights or have our talk just by ourselves. I wanna give up ,cause its always have to initiate or do something then he will do it!

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Hugs. Make it a habit to cuddle before and aft sleep. Must say it out, cannot keep it inside. Of course try not to keep pestering and make him annoyed. Maybe you just do it and then slowly say it out, tell him you need hugs. Bear hugs, whatever cute hugs you cn name it. ♥️

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Don’t bottle your feelings and have a heart to heart talk with him since we cannot read minds. Learn to manage your expectations too. He may be stressed too and is using his own ways to de-stress