Would you ever pawn your wedding ring?

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HI, I have already have pawned my wedding ring once. Thankfully, things became fine and we got it back, but the day when I had to do it, I realised how badly I was emotionally attached to it. I literally cried parting with it that time. Always thanking that God is there, and I got it back.

Actually same kami ng opinion ni Dazzle, kapag walang wala na talaga as in wala ng ibang option, I might consider pawning it. Pagawa na lang ng bago kapag naka bawi na sa pamemera.

Yeah, I guess it depends on the family's situation. If there's no other choice left, then I'll go ahead and do it if the family is in dire need of money.

Yes, I would if there need be. I mean if we as a family ever go through money crunch, I would. Yes, with a heavy heart but I would.

unless circumstances were really bad, I wouldn't :( But of course the needs of the family will always come before sentiment

It will always depend on the situation. If yoir last resort is no other than your ring, so be it.